Introduction To PhD

Department of chemical productions conducts training of doctors of philosophy (PhD) specialty

151 Automation and computer- integrated technologies

Admissions to the post-graduate studies will be:

with 20 September 2019 year 23 September 2019 of the year and

with 27 September 2019 year 29 September 2019 of the year

with 10.00 to 12.00 and with the 14.00 to 17.00 (k. 247- 1 Corp.)

Detalnye on:

List of documents, submitted for admission to postgraduate studies:

  1. application for admission to graduate school is served by the name of Pro-Rector on scientific work ;
  2. questionnaire + Photo 4х6 (1PCs., Glue);
  3. a copy of the diploma of master of (specialist) indicating the received specialty (qualification), certified by the Department of personnel at the place of work or study, and a copy of the annexes;
  4. copy of work record (in case of its availability, shall be certified by the Department of personnel at the place of work);
  5. extract from the minutes of the meeting of the Scientific Council of the Faculty, Institute of the recommendation to graduate school (serves only to graduates of the current year, that featured scientists councils of the faculties, institutions to join the graduate school; all other applicants are not served by this position nothing);
  6. research proposal entrant visa holder. the Chair and a Terminal supervisor;
  7. list of published scientific works and inventions, certified head. of the Chair in the place of the training (as well as photocopies of 2-3 publications) reviews of scientific adviser. In the list, select the publication in professional journals and publications, registered in science-metric bases;
  8. copy of certificate about the appropriation of identification code;
  9. photocopy of passport (1, 2 page and page with registration);
  10. Passport and diploma (originals) served personally;
  11. 30 sheets of paper (A4);
  12. registration information in format MS Excel (Download sample) sent via e-mail to the submission address

Pay your attention, that list of documents, applicants who submit to
postgraduate studies in the 2019 year, introduced an excerpt from Protocol Chair meeting (scientific seminar), where took place the presentation of the research proposals of entrant.

Listening to the presentations of the research proposals of entrants
до аспірантури у поточному році будуть проведені на засіданнях кафедр У ТРАВНІ- JUNE (НЕ ПІЗНІШЕ 08 ЧЕРВНЯ)

Entrance tests to graduate the University consist of:

  1. entrance exam from speciality (in the program-level higher education master's degree with a relevant specialty);
  2. persons, that come to the graduate school from another field of knowledge (specialty) than, included in their master's diploma (specialist), may be assigned additional entrance tests. Additional entrance tests are rated on a scale of "my" "nezarahovano". Entrant, got a "nezarahovano" to pass the entrance exams are not allowed.
  3. entrance exam with a foreign language (by the Academic Council of higher educational establishment (scientific institution) in the volume, that matches the level B2 Common recommendations on language education). Entrant, which confirmed his level of knowledge, in particular, English, valid certificate TOEFL tests, or the International English Language Testing System, or certificate Sambridge English Language Assessment, freed from the velvety entrance exam with a foreign language. In determining the results of the contest specified certificates equivalent to the results of admission tests from foreign languages with the highest score.

Sequence of Assembly of entrance examinations to graduate school next:

  1. Additional admission test (in case of need);
  2. foreign language;
  3. specialty.

Detailed information about the documents and reception can be obtained in the Department of graduate school or go to the Department.

Topics entrants to postgraduate study

The program of the professional test PhD

Program additional professional test PhD