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The Department trains specialists in the direction of "Automation and computer-integrated technologies", specialization:

  1. Automation of chemical-technological processes and productions (25 seats of Government order)
  2. Computer-integrated technologies, chemical and refining industries (25 seats of Government order)

Computer control systems are an integral part of any enterprises, financial institutions and governmental institutions. So the rapid implementation and upgrade data systems requires highly skilled specialists, who will design the, to develop and operate such systems.

General information about the Department

Specialist, passed the learning process according to the program of the Department of AHV, gets a thorough knowledge of the:

-the theory of automatic control;
-programming (Pascal, C, C , HTML…);
-intellectual technologies of data processing;
– the theory of decision making;
-technical automation;
-modeling systems.

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About the direction of the programming environment LabView

This knowledge, in conjunction with the diploma najavtoritetnìšogo UNIVERSITY of Ukraine KPI name. Igor Sikorsky, will provide a prestigious job and serious career prospects.
Graduates of the Department work in many of the world famous company, including Microsoft, Google, Siemens, National Instruments, Mathworks and other.

Financing the training of specialists on the Department is carried out:

  • due to the costs of State and local budgets – According to the State order (bûždetna form of training involves approximately 50 places)
  • at the expense of physical, legal entities (contract form of education)

Detailed information about the rules can be the official page of the Entry in the KPI name. And. Sikorsky, or by contacting on the department. We are always glad to see you and answer all the questions!

For admission to 1st year of study available:

List of documents, required for entry

The cost of training students for the funds of individuals and legal entities – contract

Additional program admission test ORC Bachelor diploma of junior specialist (not related speciality) 2017

For those entering the 5th year of study (Specialist/Master) You can get acquainted with the:
Program admission test ORC Master 2017
Additional program admission test ORC Master 2017