Admission for 5 course

Admission to the Magistracy on faculty “Automation of chemical productions” National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky " 2018 year

Submission of documents:

  • You go on training for the same speciality? Then you need to apply with 2 July to 3 September and fold the entrance tests (the first stage of the test is with 7 July to 14 July, second stage – with 4 by September 10 September). Such tests two introductory professional tests and foreign language.
  • You decided to change profession after obtaining the diploma of Bachelor? Then you need to apply 3 2 July to 3 September and compose the main entrance tests (the first phase of trials with 7 July to 14 July, second round- 4 by September 10 September) and testing specialty, to determine the, or will you take the chosen training program

List of documents for admission:

  1. Passport or other document, proving citizenship (the original and copies of the)
  2. the Bachelor's degree (the original and copies of the)
  3. addition to the diploma of Bachelor (the original and copies of the)
  4. creative achievements, If such existing (articles in the chosen specialty)
  5. a military document (for the guys; the original and copies of the)
  6. identification code (the original and copies of the)
  7. six photos

The copies must be certified in the qualifying commissions of faculties and institutes in the presence of the original. To view the documents in the qualifying commissions want to keep copies of documents.

Program of entrance tests and additional tests(by 2018 year):

  1. The program is a comprehensive professional specializing in test automation, chemical-technological processes and manufactures "Master 2018
  2. A program of additional tests on the specialization "automation of chemical-technological processes and manufactures" Master 2018
  3. Program admission test with a foreign language professional area for entry on educational master's training program