The Conference took place at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” 22 April 2010 in. Kiev.

The publication contains abstracts of the third Scientific Conference of students and graduates of the Faculty of chemical engineering-National tehnìč-foot University of Ukraine «Kiev Polytechnic Institute».

This Conference was rozgânuto topics:

1. Bobonič And. With., Ilia L. D.. The problem of automation of the process of water purification method ìskroerozìjnoï coagulation

2. Kubrak And. And., Valevač At. C. Optimize the debugging systems with digital controllers for integral indicators of quality

3. Getûk In. And. Samsonov In The. O.. Automation of periodic process processing of concentrate sulfuric ores avtoklavnim way

4. Ilia L. D., Dìdus In. O.. Automation of enterprises using Internet technology

5. Ivanytsya In. P., Kovalevsky To. M. Device for forming an analog signal parameters, coming from computer model

6. Shavarsh And. N., L Ladiyeva. P. Mathematical model of process heating (heat) sheet material on the rolls under the influence of the emitting or vìdbival′nih screens

7. Kubrak And. And., Skin T. P. Optimization system for a given integral indicator as a method of scanning options adjustment regulator

8. Kvasko M. With., Kolomiets T. In. Optimization of combined evaporating plants

9. Košelev D. Yu., Samsonov In The. O.. Features of the practical realization of the microprocessor control system of the žomosušil′noû installing

10. Nice Little In. In the., Lesenko And. O.. Detection of defects in communication channels, ʼ operator, automatic control system

11. Makarov T. In the., Ilia L. D.. The application of the provisions of the sustainable development in the automation of soda production

12. Nasonkìn P. O., Kovalevsky To. M. Model of dryer for research paths control devices «MÌKROL»

13. Popov D.. O., Kovalevsky To. M. The use of microprocessor indicator ITM-11 in control systems, control and emergency protection

14. Ilia L. D., Raukhverger And. And. Analysis of the existing systems of control of fermentation in the production of bioethanol

15. L Ladiyeva. R., Samoilenko, 2006. In. Automatic control of a process of reverse osmosis

16. Ilia L. D., Savchenko. P. Study of the process of crystallization of sugar as a control object

17. Kubrak And. And., Sìvozdrav Yu. O.. Calculation of static characteristics of typical models of the objects with distributed constants

18. Nice Little In. In the., Filon In. And. Study of elektrolìzera to get hydrogen as a control object

19. Cheropkin. With., Nice Little In. In. Mathematical modeling of the process of hydrogen osušuvannâ

20. Zhuchenko And. And., Česnova L. C. Analysis of the extrusion process of polymer materials as a control object and the task control

21. Pìrgač M. With., Kvasko M. With., Shevchuk Would. O.. Structure of the complex of technical means of automation control system of decentralized production of paper

22. Kubrak And. And., Yakovenko I. C. Mathematical models of typical objects with distributed constants and calculation of their dynamic characteristics

23. Yaroshchuk At. In the., Kovalevsky To. M. Software to transfer the values of the parameter from the control object model in the registers of the device at the ITM-11