Student successes

Congratulations to the students of the department with the 2nd place in all-Ukrainian student Olympiad on speciality
Automation and computer-integrated technologies "

Students are attracted to the majority of the activities of the Department:

  • participating in the modernization and creation of laboratory stands;
  • engaged in the creation and updating of laboratory works, make out teaching materials;
  • under the guidance of teachers engaged in scientific activity, which is then reflected and diploma projects and master's works;
  • under the guidance of teachers prepare materials, articles and abstracts of the Conference;
  • assist the management of the Department in carrying out educational work with debtors training;
  • participating in vocational work.

Student asset of the Department the following: Head of wiuu – Zakharchuk A. ; Deputy. Pankaj Jain T. ; Voloschuk M. ;AHV students take active part in the life of the Faculty and the University: Âremeneko C. is the Chairman of Bureau ICP, Deputy. head. Cake And. , and Blìnda d. – the head of the ICP wiuu.Receiving awards, grants, CMU scholarshipsIn 3 students of the Department have become AHV scholarships named after Prof.. R. I. Ladiyeva: DI Shabatyn. (LA-31 m), Kononenko And Etc.. (LA-31 m), Rubizhenko D.. (LA-41 m). Students Rubizhenko DI. (LA-41 m), Commandant O.. (LA-41 m) received a scholarship of Kyiv Mayor. Students of the Department take an active part in national competitions, contests, exhibitions. Student Natâgajlo I a.. (La-81) won prize-winning third place in the second round of the all-Ukrainian student's Olympiad on speciality Automated control of technological processes – 2013. (14-17 April, National University of life and environmental sciences of Ukraine, Kiev)Student Kud ' Games (LA-21) – took place at the Olympics of mathematics -2012 (National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute")Student Cake Andrey (LA-21) – took place at the Olympics with information technology -2012 (National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute")In 2013 year 6 AHV students have become a scholarship named after Prof.. R. I. Ladiyeva: Dankevich A.. (LA-71 m), Chehrynets K.I. (LA-71 m), Mishchenko, Phd. (g. LA-71 m), Natâgajlo I A.. (La-81), Mironenko O. M.. (LA -81 m), Orkuša D. O.. (La-82).