Student life

Mafia ICP

When students, running out of steam and all the residents of the building “fall asleep”, then suddenly wakes up “Mafia”. Any cautious, It may be every – starting from fellow students – ending with the teachers

Sytnikov O.. Vikaladč Department of AHV


Football with teachers

“Commonwealth Cup” – the match between the national teams of students and teachers, that allows you to spend at the same time actively with the benefit of time and open students and teachers on the other hand

Zhuchenko O.. Vikaladč Department of AHV, Deputy Dean

Miss and Mister ICP

Games event every spring – beauty contest Miss ICP! Unforgettable atmosphere create a babes, who are vying for the title of best and najvrolivìšoï girl of the Faculty.
Annual holiday “Mr. ICP”! Unusual, funny and beautiful show! The competition among the best guys ICP, the winner of which will present our faculty at the “Mr. Kpi”!

All the students of the Department

That? Where? When?

Competition “That? Where ? When? “.
Full tournament since childhood known game, participating teams of the different courses and lecturers

Žurakovs′ij I. Yu. Viladač Department of AHV


ICP students every year are waiting eagerly November, after heavy atestacìj together with friends, peers and teachers to identify the best team of faculty in the Championship with Bowling)

Yaremenko C. In. head nrofbûro students Faculty