About Department


Faculty of automation of chemical industries (AHV) trains specialists in the development of, design and operation of systems of automation of technological processes and computer-integrated technological complexes.

By 50 years of its existence the Chair prepared at 2 thousands of specialists. They come with many units of institutes of Cybernetics and automation, departments of enterprise automation, scientific-research and design institutes of Ukraine and the former Soviet Union.

AHV at the Department were trained and training specialists to 15 the countries of the, including from Bulgaria, Germany, Algeria, Lebanon, Yemen, etc..

Significant is the contribution of the Department in the research and design work in the field of automation. Teachers and scientists of the Department implemented in production of more than 50 development of technical means of measurement for computer control systems of technological processes. In many of them suggested improving the technological processes.

Many of the developments of the Department have the original character — at the level of inventions. The Department received more than 400 Copyright certificates on inventions.

The teachers of the AHV fruitfully worked and in methodological development – they are issued 180 printed teaching and 38 manuals.

The Department was created by the order of Rector of KPI Prof. Pligunova O.s.. No. 434 from 2.06.1960 p. and originally was called the Department of theoretical bases of automation. Its first head was Professor Kornilov Yuriy Georgievich.

Born Cornelius J. G. in 1907. in the village of Miropolì in Zhytomyr region , in 1930 p. He graduated from the electro-mechanical Faculty of the Leningrad Polytechnical Institute on a speciality-engineer-electrician. In 1930-35 years worked as an Assistant departments of theoretical mechanics, theoretical electrical engineering, higher mathematics and resistance of the Leningrad Polytechnical Institute, having received a thorough professional training, that has been successfully used for further work in automation.

In 1952 p. Cornelius J. G. moved to Kiev, where becomes the head of the Department of automation at the Institute of gas, in 1955 p. defending his doctoral thesis in Polytechnical Institute. With 1958 p. starts to work in KPI senior lecturer of the Department of automation of metallurgical processes and furnaces. In 1959 became a professor at the, and in 1960 p. headed by the newly created Chair of theoretical bases of automation at the chemical-technological faculty (HTF). A year later the Chair was renamed: first in the Chair "theoretical bases of automation and automation of chemical industries, and then it becomes the Department "automation of chemical industries.

In 1963,. Cornelius J. G. translated to the Krasnodar Polytechnic Institute, where will organize a similar Department and worked there until retirement.
In 1963-1964 Gg. compulsory”the duties performed by head of the Department Professor Stupak, Mikhail Danilovich, scientific work of which was related to”problem with the studies of electrochemical methods for the determination of the thickness of the coating.

With 1964 p. by 1977 p. headed Rostyslav Ladìêv Yakovlevich. He was born in 1914 p. in the city of. Kotovs′ku Odessa region, in 1939 p. graduated from KYIV POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE on a speciality the engineer-mechanics of the processes, vehicles and machinery for chemical industries. Rostislav Yakovlevich took part in the war with Finland, He was wounded. From the first day of the great patriotic war, he is at the front, defending Kiev, gets into the environment. After the liberation of Kiev, works as an engineer-mechanic, with 1946 p. Department of machinery and devices of chemical production of the CRPD first lab assistant, then an Assistant. In 1953 p. defends PhD thesis, in 1957 p. goes into the Kyiv Institute of automation, where leads the laboratory of automation of chemical productions, continuing part-time teaching at KPI. Ladìêv, I. co-author of the books "machines and apparatuses of chemical industry (theory and calculations), 1959 r., Machines and apparatuses of chemical industry " (tutorial for colleges), 1963 p.

In 1973. Ladìêv, I. defending his doctoral dissertation and in the same year became a Professor of the Department. During his management of the Department also strengthened material, along with the modern at the time of the first automatic computing machines.

According to the results of their work every year at the 20% students of the Department, among them asylum master's degrees, as well as lecturers take part in research seminars and conferences. A significant part of the subject of Diploma specialists and masters meets a real scientific and technical problems of automation of technological processes of different industries.

Thanks to the creative cooperation of the Department with teachers of the Department are systematically implemented in the educational process of new development, updated facilities and educational-methodical literature, creates new laboratory work. Under the guidance of Prof.. Ostapenka Y. A.. and Him in.. the Department has access to the international arena, cooperates with many universities in the world, in particular, Prof. Kubrak., Kvasko M., Zhuchenko., Assoc. Pleskonos A.k., Assoc. Oleynik Y. K.. Chief of the teaching work to foreign Universities. With 1990 by 2007 year of the Department was headed by Prof.. Kvasko Mykhaylo Zynoviyovych , the renowned specialist for the design and calculation of the automation systems. During this time considerably expanded resource base, students and teachers has increased almost twice.

With 2007 the year the Chair of holds doctor of technical sciences, Professor Zhuchenko Anatoliy Ivanovich. He is a well-known specialist in the field of the theory of automatic control of technological processes, has his scientific school, its students are successfully operating in Ukraine and abroad.