Preparatory courses

Announced a set of listeners on preparatory courses on 2017-2018 academic year

Dear abìturìenti!

Many of you are anxious about the issue: “Which profession to choose? Where to go to learn?"If you are interested in science, technique, IT- technology – you to our University.

Today the KPI name of Igor Sikorsky, the idea that by such leading scientists of his time as Mendeleev and., V.l. Kirpichev, Zhukovsky M.e., K.a. Timiryazev, became not only the largest technical University in Europe, but the powerful scientific, prosvìtnic′kim, cultural, Youth Center of Ukraine.

Thorough preparation for testing, systematic approach, the professionalism of teachers and thoroughly developed programs of all examination subjects – the following principles courses of preparation for the EIT on the basis of ÌMÂO KPI and Sikorsky " (License Of The Ministry Of Education: Series AE # 527265 from 09.09.2014 p.) They – the key to the successful Assembly of external independent assessment and admission to the KPI name of Igor Sikorsky and other top Ukrainian universities.

5 reasons for visiting the courses

  • Studying on courses, You will improve your level of knowledge for future admission to the University or to any other Card of Ukraine.
  • You psychologically and organizationally to prepare for independent testing.
  • You get an objective assessment of knowledge, experience the unique system of passing independent testing.
  • To work on preparatory courses involved leading teachers unìveritetu, who have years of experience in the system of pre-university training NTUU «KPI». In case of unknown moments and you always will pay attention and explain material, recommend books for the deepening of knowledge.
  • You can feel the atmosphere of learning at the University.

Program preparatory courses approved by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine. Methodological and software PC allows to sinhrozuvati during the school year two interrelated processes: in-depth training to TESTING and bringing the level of knowledge of the fundamental disciplines of requirements to the level of university programs.

Introduction to KPI dream many of today's young people. Our courses are aimed at achieving your dreams, as an introduction to KPI opens up almost unlimited prospects for future employment, not only in the leading enterprises of Ukraine but also abroad.

Organization of educational process

  1. A set of training courses is carried out within the scope of the license zatverženogo.
  2. The composition of the preparatory courses students are enrolled students 10,11 classes of comprehensive educational institutions, schools, schools, schools, gymnasiums, as well as graduates of past years.
  3. Beginning of classes : with 15 September, as configuration training groups.
  4. Classes are held in educational groups at the University.
  5. The training is carried out on three competitive subjects, namely: Math, Physics, English language and literature.
  6. Training pay. Payment is made according to the approved annual Budgets.

Attestation of students

Attestation of students conducts the testing Center and monitoring knowledge of KPI and Sikorsky ".

At the end of the school year the listener receives a certificate with his summary rating, that is an integral indicator of the quality of his knowledge of the three software competitive subjects. This figure is formed during the whole period of studies, as a result of the constant monitoring of all types of educational achievements of the listener.

The main type of self-work listener PC is the fulfillment and protection of it a cycle of individual examination papers (ÌAR) each subject throughout the school year.

Eye control as knowledge audience of all subjects is carried out in the form of a summary examination of the control works (PAKR).

Forms of study

Evening-Monday through Friday ( three times a week) with 16.30 to 19.00.

Saturday – 10.00 to 16.00

Terms of studies

7 months: Artemisia cycle- Express training;

14 months: for students 10 classes – the two-year cycle of training.



KPI name. Igor Sikorsky, chassis 19, room 527

Semavìna Victoria B. Shehedyn

050-167-84-12; 063-602-11-29