Scientific schools

The name of the school: Creating computer-integrated control systems of technological processes and productions to ensure the quality of products and resources.

Head of school: e. etc., Prof. Zhuchenko Anatoliy Ivanovich, Head of the Department of automation of chemical productions, honoured worker of education of Ukraine

The main theme of:

  • The use of artificial intelligence methods in control systems of technological processes
  • Development of adaptive and robust control systems of technological processes of chemical industry
  • Use statistical me then virgins in systems of quality control
  • Simulation r & #8217; object with distributed parameters, identification of the elements of control systems
  • Mathematical modeling and optimal control of technological processes
  • Design and development of software control systems.
  • The use of modern means of microprocessor technology and SCADA systems

Implementation Of The GDR

The creation of computer-integrated control systems of technological processes and manufactures processing sectors of the industry to ensure the resource- and energy-saving modes of their operation.

Scientific papers:

dedicated to finding optimal parameters of technological processes, that provide energy efficiency and resource industries, the establishment of mathematical models of objects and systems of control based on the classical and the modern theory of automatic control, the development of architecture systems and programmatic implementation of control algorithms.

Just posted more than 20 monographs, 200 articles in domestic professional and foreign editions.

The protected dissertations

4 dissertation for the degree of candidate of technical sciences, latest:

  • Zhuchenko Oleksiy Anatoliyovych – Automation process control extrusion of polymer materials in conditions of changing modes of operation ", 20 December 2013 p
  • Tsapar Vitaliy Stepanovych – Automation of processes control the thermal regime of glass furnaces», 15 October 2015 p.

Obtained patents

Received more than 50 patents on the methods and devices of control of technological processes, latest

  1. Zhuchenko., Kononenko And Etc.. The device control the thermal regime of the evaporator; Patent for utility model. IPC B01D 3/42 (2006.01). Application number: u 2014 04853. Eg. 10.11.2014, ' No. 21/20014
  2. Yaroshchuk L Etc., Zhuchenko., Vilkova As Well., Kulinich N. To manage the process of extrusion in a start-up – Patent for utility model. IPC B29C 47/00 (2014.01). Application number: u 2014 05781. Eg. 10.12.2014, ' No. 23
  3. Patent Of Ukraine № 99810 for useful model way to automatically control the temperature of the furnace reforming / V. Kolpakov, Mikulionok I.o., Nice V.v., Chernikov., eg 25.06.2015, '. № 12/2015

Cooperation with enterprises

  1. Gostomel Glass Factory (v. Gostomel, Kyiv Oblast.). The main attention was paid to improving the efficiency of the glass-making process by creating a system for automating the processes of controlling the temperature regime of a glass furnace to provide a resource-- and energy conservation. Was the investigation of the influence of the basic technological parameters of process workshop on indicators of the quality of glass containers.
  2. To order "Borex" (v. Borodyanka) developed: mathematical model of the regime of the extruder for the production of polymeric materials; recommendations for the optimization of the mode of operation of electrical heating appliances to ensure the desired temperature of the shell of the extruder; Schematic diagram and software control systems ekstruderami for the production of polymeric materials.

International cooperation

Continuing cooperation within the framework of the partnership agreement, cooperation and scientific exchange between the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, (Ukraine) and Opolskim University, (Poland) from 20.09.2011.

Received a grant from the European Union in the framework of Erasmus Mundus: Title: Trans-European Mobility Project On Education for Subtainable Development (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine)

Reference: 372283-EM-1-2012-1-PT-ERA MUNDUS-EMA21