The Conference took place at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” 9-10 December 2015 in. Kiev.

The publication contains abstracts of the ninth scientific-practical konferencìïstudentìv and chemical engineering graduate of Faculty of national technical University of Ukraine «Kiev Polytechnic Institute».

This Conference was rozgânuto topics:

1. Borzênkova C. In the., L Ladiyeva. P. The control system of the work of the evaporator in the process of destructive distillation of mazutìv and gudronìv

2. Cake And. P., Ilia L. D.. Determination of the structure of the quality management system of the kerosene in the stabìlìzacìjnìj column

3. Žiber In. Yu., L Ladiyeva. P. Control remote control tubular furnace on the Arduino Nano

4. Zagoruj C. In the., Borodin In. And. Schema automation rektifìkacìjnoï columns in the process of cleaning the stirolu

5. Zan′ At. In the., Borodin In. And. Parametrical scheme sopolìmerizacìï butadìênu and stirolu

6. Voloschuk M. G., Zhuchenko And. And. Parametrical scheme process grafìtacìï

7. Zhuchenko And. And., Goč I. O.. The use of neural networks in building control systems ekstruderom

8. L Ladiyeva. R., N. Dubick. M. Process control system of rectification in the process of obtaining ethylene oxide

9. Popovitch At. In the., Ilia L. D.. Study of production process of alumina production method of sintering emissions

10. Alêksêênko C. Yu., Kovalevsky To. M. Static properties are technological AIDS in the process of refining petroleum distillate

11. Tugay Is. In the., Lukinyuk M. In. Automation of process of synthesis of vinyl chloride gìdrohloruvannâm acetylene in gas phase

12. Guza K. M., Ilia L. D.. Neural network and modeling of control objects in the system of purification of acetylene

13. L Ladiyeva. R., Oliynyk. In. Mathematical modeling of the process of dehydration and granulation in the apparatus psevdozrìdženogo layer

14. O. Fedorenko. Yu., Borodin In. And. Parametrical scheme rektifìkacìjnoï columns ethanol production process

15. Gladchenko At. O., Kovalevsky To. M. Configuring blocks regulator MICK-25 MÌKROL for process automation generator acetylene

16. L Ladiyeva. R., Dubic′ka K. And. Platformìngu automation of rolling a layer of catalyst

17. Kravchenko And. Yu., Lukinyuk M. In. Automation of primary granulation in the manufacture of the high pressure polyethylene

18. Oleynik C. In the., Ilia L. D.. The use of neural networks for automation of evaporation etilbenzolu

19. L Ladiyeva. R., Puškar′ovM. And. Optimal control of rectification column

20. Popovich N. In the., Ilia L. D.. Study of the structure of the system of automation of dilute nitric acid

21. Cheropkin. With., Pankaj Jain T. In. Analysis of the technological process of saponification as object of automatic control

22. Momotenko D. O., L Ladiyeva. P. Modeling process contact membrane distillation

23. Diaghilev N. In the., Zhuchenko At. And. The analysis process elektrokal′cinacìï, as the object of mathematical modeling

24. Spolovič P. Yu., Kubrak And. And. The definition of the functions of the system of ordinary differential equations in initial form

25. Vishnevsky In. O., Borodin In. And. The optimum control system of acetilenovim generator

26. Kubrak And. And., Zadvorny Would. In. Calculation of frequency characteristics of the system of ordinary differential equations

27. The Commandant At. O., Ilia L. D.. The definition of information flows for testing of simulation model of production of oils for SOAP zagusnikah

28. Turchenko C. In the., Kozanevič With. I. Reactor for vinyl chloride as a technical object management

29. Korotins′kij And. P., KoržikM. In. Control of production of oil based SOAP thickeners

30. Skobelìna M. And., Kovaliuk D.. O.. An algorithm of constructing робастного regulator method n ∞

31. Skorobogatova And. And., Zhurakovskyy. Yu. Automated control system of temperature pasterizacìjno-cooling plants to reduce energy consumption

32. Hìbeba M. G., Zhuchenko And. And. Tasks automate the process of calcination of blanks in the production of grafìtovanih electrodes

33. Rubìženko D. And., Kovalevsky To. M. Modeling of trikolonnogo screw solvent using the theory of fuzzy sets

34. Bevzûk L. L., Zhuchenko And. And. Problem of process automation grafìtuvannâ electrode-manufacturing products

35. Novikov A.. D., Kubrak And. And. The optimum control system of rectification process alkìlatu

36. Cheropkin. With., Zhuchenko And. And. Use block plug and play parameters PID regulator in LABVIEW

37. Zhurakovskyy. Yu., Dolinûk B. C. Parametrical scheme contact apparatus in the production of stirolu degìdruvannâm etilbenzolu

38. Lutsenko Etc. L., Ilia L. D.. Development of fuzzy control scheme of temperature in the reactor conversion

39. Potìp And. With., Flapjack M. In. Automation of technological process of alkaline cleaning diesel fuel

40. Stashkevich P. M., The Bondareva. A., Pìkul′ At. To. Level measurement of granular material

41. Denisenko At. Yu., Zhurakovskyy. Yu. The combined system of regulation of parameters measuring weight in polymerization ìzobutilenu

42. Ostapenko In. O., Flapjack M. In. Automation of technological process of ìzomerizacìï and Bhutan in ìzobutan

43. Samìlâk M. With., Cheropkin. C. Parametric analysis of hloratora as the object of automatic control

44. Nice Little In. In the., Laws In. O.. Using the theory of multidimensional analysis in construction simulation of control systems

45. Nagola Is. In the., Flapjack M. In. Automation regulation parameters of boiler installations of DKVR-10

46. Pìrgač M. With., Zhurakovskyy. Yu. Research of influence of mass concentration changes in the delivery box on the stability of the masses 1 M2 paper canvas on nakatì of paper machine

47. Sawicki F.. In the., Kozanevič With. I. Column purification of raw methyl alcohol from dimetilovogo ester as an object management