АКІТ — 2016


AKÌT – 2016

The Conference took place at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” 20-21 April 2016 in. Kiev.

AKÌT 2016

Are the materials of the third International Scientific Conference of young scientists, students and post-graduate students of "Automation and computer-integro- WANA technology (АКІТ-2016)», held at the National Technical University- sitetì of Ukraine «Kiev Polytechnic Institute» 20-21 April 2016 of the year.

The paper considers modern approaches and techniques in automation of production processes, mathematical modelling of technological objects, study and synthesis of Su- the practice of computer control systems. For scientists, graduate students and students of higher educational institutions.

This Conference was rozgânuto topics:

1. Ilia L. D., Tyurina Is. O.. Analysis of adsorption processes and ways of managing
2. Kravchenko And. Yu., Lukinyuk M. In. Analysis of the reliability of the possible schemes of control cooling process of ethylene
3. Popovitch At. In the., Ilia L. D.. Mathematical modeling of the process of leaching in the production of alumina from bauxite, a method of sintering
4. Zagoruj C. In the., Borodin In. And. Mathematical model of water rektifìkacìjnoï columns in the process of cleaning the stirolu
5. Lagojda And. And., Semencov G. N.. Simulation of the centrifugal blower repair unit – pipeline "as the dynamic object management
6. Popovich N. In the., Ilia L. D.. Mathematical modeling of the process of absorption in the production of dilute nitric acid
7. Diaghilev N. In the., Zhuchenko At. And. Mathematical modeling of the process of igniting anthracite at elektrokal′cinatorì
8. Oleynik C. In the., Ilia L. D.. Identifying information for the nejroregulâtorìv in the control system of evaporator etilbenzolu
9. Kovaliuk D.. O., Mold And. And. Modeling of static mode of vaporizing the reactor in the production process of potassium nìtritu
10. Gladchenko At. O., Kovalevsky To. M. Simulation of control objects using LabVIEW and open-source Arduino platform
11. Zhuchenko At. A., Voloschuk M. G. Optimization of vuglegrafìtovogo production by the criterion of profitability
12. Stepaniuk M. M., Kovaliuk D.. O.. Analysis of the CAD for the automation of technological processes
13. Rubìženko D. And., Kovalevsky To. M. The Simulator to study the work of fuzzy controller
14. Dolinûk B. With., Zhurakovskyy. Yu. Parametrical circuit evaporator etilbenzolu in process stirolu degìdruvannâm etilbenzolu
15. L Ladiyeva. R., N. Dubick. M. Optimal control process of rectification
16. Alêksêênko C. Yu., Kovalevsky To. M. Algorithms to simulate the values of technological parameters of the process of refining petroleum distillate
17. Gutak At. In the., Kopistins′kij L. O., Semencov G. N.. Adaptation of the mathematical model of the process of drilling oil and gas wells elektroburami in real time
18. Guza K. M., Ilia L. D.. Problem identification in the system of purification of acetylene
19. Borzênkova C. In the., L Ladiyeva. P. Optimize the evaporator to install destructive distillation of mazutìv and gudronìv
20. Cheropkin. With., Pankaj Jain T. In. Software implementation method of serial poll thermocouples using MVA 8
21. Tugay Is. In the., Lukinyuk M. In. Research of static mode refrigerator in the process of synthesis of vinyl chloride gìdrohloruvannâm acetylene in gas phase
22. Ilia L. D., Leus M. M. Formation of a database to automate the process of obtaining synthetic Glycerin
23. Vishnevsky In. O., Borodin In. And. Parametrical scheme scrubber process of production of acetylene
24. Cake And. P., Ilia L. D.. Improve the reliability of control systems of value of kerosene in the stabìlìzacìjnìj column
25. Samìlâk M. With., Cheropkin. C. Generalized mathematical model of hloratora by the concentration of the target product
26. O. Fedorenko. Yu., Borodin In. And. The control system in the production of ethanol direct by ethylene
27. Momotenko D. O., L Ladiyeva. P. Algorithm for the management of the process contact membrane distillation
28. The Kipling.. Yu., The Indigenous Would. O.. Control system of contextual advertising on social networks
29. Petrichenko In. In the., Tsapar In. C. Parametric analysis of columns of synthesis of methyl alcohol as an object of automatic control
30. Vakulov M. And., Sytnikov At. In. Measurement of the temperature of the oil in the original pipeline tubular furnace
31. L Ladiyeva. R., Dubic′ka K. And. Mathematical modeling of the static mode tubular furnace in process platformìngu
32. Zhuchenko And. And., Dankevich And. O.. Mathematical model of thermal mode of extrusion
33. Cheropkin. With., Zhuchenko And. And. Adaptation options under the regulator according to the change of the mode of operation of the system
34. Kubrak And. And., Novikov A.. D.. The scheme of automation of technological process of rectification of alkìlatu
35. Zhuchenko At. A., Yaremenko C. In. Analysis of odnočerv'âčnogo extruder as the object of automation
36. L Ladiyeva. R., Oliynyk. In. Modeling of static mode in device psevdozrìdženogo layer
37. The Commandant At. O., Ilia L. D.. Time management work of the reactor in the production of oils with contactor
38. Kolpakov, In. In the., Udêlov D. O.. Visualization of the process of production of mineral fertilizers
39. Turchenko C. In the., Kozanevič With. I. Temperature control of reactor of vinyl chloride as a non-stationary control object
40. Zhuchenko At. A., Tsapar In. With., Goč I. O.. A method of simplifying mathematical models of control objects with distributed parameters
41. Korotins′kij And. P., Flapjack M. In. Control of reactor in the process of production of oil based SOAP thickeners
42. Denisenko At. Yu., Zhurakovskyy. Yu. Parametrical circuit dispenser mass polymerization process ìzobutilenu
43. Kolpakov, In. In the., Udêlov C. O.. The software module diagnostic skills and the training of technological personnel department carbonation ammophos production
44. Bevzûk L. L., Zhuchenko And. And. Simplify the model of grafìtacìï of carbon products
45. Skobelìna M. And., Kovaliuk D.. O.. Control of boiler-utilìzatorom cooling of nitric acid in the face of uncertainty
46. Zhuchenko And. And., Ostapovec′ At. D.. The choice of the criterion of optimality of process cleaning stirolu
47. Papìnov In. M., Kulik I. And. Educational Laboratory simulation of an integrated automated system management
48. Velychko M. In the., Sytnikov At. In. Managing the process of thermal cracking
49. Sawicki F.. In the., Kozanevič With. I. Adjustment of the parameters of the bottom of the columns clean raw methyl alcohol
50. Kolpakov, In. In the., Nžìnžu C. Karuga. Prerequisites for combating the formation of tumors in the catalyst layer of a primary conversion of ammonia production
51. Kubrak And. And., Zadvorny Would. In. Control hydro kerosene
52. L Ladiyeva. R., Dovbnja C. Yu. Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of membrane distillation
53. Machiko G. F., Krih G. B., Kovalchuk And. In. Features optimize hydrodynamic measuring transducers
54. Pìrgač M. With., Zhurakovskyy. Yu. The structure of discrete transmission functions of the mathematical model of paper machine as controlling weight 1 M2 and humidity of paper canvas
55. Kozlov P. In the., Sangìnova At. In. Optimal planning of the process of cutting the canvas paper
56. Hìbeba M. G., Zhuchenko And. And. Using neural networks to control the process of formation of carbon products
57. Nice Little In. In the., Laws In. O.. Simulation algorithm of Effects and cumulative sums for detection of defects
58. Fešanič L. And., Semencov G. N.. Model of Multiple Input-Multiple Output repair unit
59. Kogutâk M. And., Tkačešak N. In the., Yefremov A.. In. A simulation model of the static gas pumping units with konversìjnim turbine engine
60. Kokol E. And. Ob″ektno-orientirovannyj povyšeniâ moŝnost′û analiz manevrennyh for ACS vozmožnostej ènergobloka c VVÈR-1000
61. Dzhygyrey In. O., Machiko F. D.. Algorithms for determination of losses of natural gas as a result of damage to pipelines
62. Kolpakov, In. In the., Hanov M. B. Razrabotka tehničeskogo spelling on the introduction of systems trainings tehnologičeskogo facilities ammiaka production plants
63. Ohten′ Is. C, L Ladiyeva. R., Stashkevich P. M. Improved carbon filtration
64. Gerasìn At. With., Kozlov At. In. Automatic control system of the spatial motion of tracked mobile robot
65. Celine Yu. M., Pound And. And. Three-dimensional modeling in problems of pattern recognition
66. Šul′kevič T. In. Використання лінгвістичного моделювання для прогнозування часових рядів різної природи
67. Lutai And. M., Klimchuk At. With., Клюфінський В. B. Автоматизація аналізу металографічних мікроструктур
68. Foshch T. Axial offset forecasting of the nuclear power unit VVER-1000 using regression data mining models
69. Кобиш О. And., Сімкін О. And. Керування нагріванням дуття на блоці доменних повітронагрівачів з послідовним режимом роботи
70. Havryliv R. I., Maystruk V. V., Sabynin O. In. Numerical modeling of the air flow field in a co-current spray dryer
71. Пожар М. With., Sytnikov At. In. Automation of reactors in chemical-technological process of production of white carbon black
72. Walking In. In. Creation of an automated database for the classification and selection of protective coating of parts with the possibility of further editing
73. Šavrans′kij M. In the., Ugrinovs′kij P. M. Decision making in the management of the process of drilling in terms of complications