АКІТ — 2015


AKÌT – 2015

The Conference took place at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” 15-16 April 2015 in. Kiev.

AKÌT 2015

These materials cover the modern approaches and methods of automation of production processes, matematinomu simulation of technological objects ’ objects, study and synthesis of modern computer ’ ûternih control systems.

This Conference was rozgânuto topics:

1. Gladchenko At. O., Kovalevsky To. M. The scheme of automation to control the microprocessor controller process in generatorì acetylene

2. Fecak T. In the., Kvasko M. With. Automation of technological process of rectification of alkìlatu

3. Korčovnij C. In the., Flapjack M. In. The control system following neutralization of acid in the apparatus VTN in the production of ammonium nitrate

4. Oleynik C. In the., Kozanevič With. I. The combined system of regulation of the evaporator in the production of etilbenzolu stirolu

5. L Ladiyeva. R., Oliynyk. In. Mathematical modeling of the reactor with stirrer

6. Zhuchenko And. And., Tsapar In. With., Voloschuk M. G. Research of influence of perìodìvperemikannâ mechanism on the uniformity of temperature field-making furnace

7. Rubìženko D. And., Kovalevsky To. M. Module to graphically display the graphics parameter values, measured device ITM-11

8. Nosov And. O., Nice Little In. In the., Kvasko M. With. The use of dual circuit system for management of evaporating plant installation

9. Alêksêênko C. Yu., Kovalevsky To. M. The contours of the regulation in the automation of the process of the selection of lower paraffin wax with petroleum distillate

10. Zhuchenko And. And., Mischenko K. Yu. Production of sugar from sugar beet in terms of managing kol′orovìstû

11. Savitskaya T. In the., Lukinyuk M. In. Some features of the automation of the processes of distillation column

12. Kovaliuk D.. O., Kabanova And. (E). Modeling of static mode of the absorber in the process of purification of ethylene oxide

13. Zhuchenko And. And., Cherevko L. C. Parametrical benzene alkylation process scheme propìlenom in liquid phase

14. Feschenko P. In the., Kovalevsky To. M. The computer Simulator for configuration of microprocessor PID regulator in the control circuit

15. Kovaliuk D.. O., Chubarov P. M. Neural network control system of temperature polìmerizacìjnoï columns

16. Zhuchenko And. And., Ostapovec′ At. D.. Parametrical scheme rektifìkacìjnoï columns of the process of purification of stirolu

17. Lutai And. M., Polkovenko B. T., Klimchuk At. C. Program-technical realization of metalografìčnoï digital USB-microscopy

18. Pìrgač M. With., Zhurakovskyy. Yu., Kvasko M. With. Analysis of the wet part of the universal paper machine with one zmìšuval′nim pump control Rev as entity ʼ

19. Zhuchenko At. A., Siz Ov. P. The control system of thermal regime of the extrusion process of polymers

20.Guza K. M., Ilia L. D.. The use of systems analysis to determine the structure of the scheme of automation

21. Zhuchenko And. And., Tsapar In. With., Šabatin D. And. Mathematical model for chemical transformations in the reactor of continuous action

22. L Ladiyeva. R., N. Dubick. M. Mathematical modeling of rektifìkacìjnoï columns

23. Pìrgač M. With., Zhurakovskyy. Yu., Kvasko M. With. Analysis of the wet part of the universal paper machine with two pumps of zmìšuval′nimi as an RPM control ʼ

24. Momotenko D. O., L Ladiyeva. P. Optimum control of adsorption process

25. Stashkevich P. M., L Ladiyeva. R., Lukinyuk M. In the., Fecak T. In. Manage filters for technical carbon

26. Dovgaliuk B. P., Zhukov And. Yu. Automated control system of the thermal state of the lower part of blast furnace

27.Arsenìčev And. L., Tsapar In. C. Hierarchical structure of the control system of the sklovarnoû microwave

28. L Ladiyeva. R., Pushkarev M. And. Mathematical modeling of kubovogo balance columns rectification process factional distillation of crude oil

29. Žiber In. Yu., L Ladiyeva. P. Mathematical modeling of the tubular furnace in the process of hydro oil motor oil

30. Borodin In. And., Ilia L. D.. The creation of the SCADA system for the columns of the synthesis of ammonia

31. Žmačenko In. P., Flapjack M. In. Identification of objects without samovirìvnûvannâ

32. Antoniuk And. With., Flapjack M. In. Procecu automation of rectification of distillate in the process of stabilizing crude oil

33. Krivopišin T. M., L Ladiyeva. P. Design of робастного h ∞ control system-in regulator reactor synthesis of urea

34. Kubrak And. And., Pylypchuk At. G. Determination of optimum weight paper

35. Zhuchenko At. A., Wilson And. D.. The control system of thermal regime of the evaporator in the production process polììzobutilenu

36. Kovaliuk D.. O., Sinelnyk At. In. Mathematical modeling of the process of adsorption of side components

37. Zhuchenko And. And., Cheropkin. C. Software implementation of the optimal temperature for warming up the graph paper canvas

38. The Commandant At. O., Ilia L. D.. Implementation of the algorithm in the production of oil from the contactor based MATHLAB SIMULINK

39. Modzelewska D., Dołhańczuk-Śródka A. Metodyka pomiarów aktywności radonu (Rn-222) w przygruntowej warstwie powietrza

40. Singer. In the., Flapjack M. In. Alkylation process ìzobutanu butilenami

41. Arsenìčev And. L., Tsapar In. C. Fuzzy control in the automatic control system of temperature-making furnace

42. Mahovs′kij D. With., Nice Little In. In the., Mikulionok And. O.. Mode start after stopping an extruder

43. Kubrak And. And., Pylypchuk. O.. G. Determination of the optimal interval between disks of the mill during grinding mass of high concentration

44. Broh Etc. In the., Ilia L. D.. Mathematical modeling and managing the process of Transesterification biodiesel production

45. Zhuchenko And. And., Cheropkin. C. Slìdkuval′na control system of the process of warming up the paper canvas

46. Zakharchuk A. With., Žurakovskij I. Yu. Use LabVIEW to automate laboratory stands

47. Sytnikov At. In the., Blìnda D. O.. Optimal control system in the production of phenol and acetone via gìdroperekis

48. Kolesnik M. In the., L Ladiyeva. P. The optimum control system of process granulation in pseudo-liquefied layer

49. Fešanič L. And. Use the DF-methods for improving information systems of automatic control

50. Nice Little In. In the., Kolpakov, In. In the., Chernikov At. And. Module training, technological personnel and evaluation of reliability of information, that is entered by the operator in the control system of technological process

51. Zhurakovskyy. Yu., Petruk M. O.. The use of SCADA systems in the automation of technological processes on an example of RealFlex

52. Kulìnčenko G. In the., Leontiev P.. In the., The Brain Is. M., Lìstratenko K. O.. Online registration of parameters of flow

53. Dovbnja C. Yu., Zhurakovskyy. Yu. Optimization of heat warming up of solution of acetaldehyde and acetic acid

54. Zhuchenko And. And., Dankevich And. O.. A modular approach to mathematical modeling of thermal mode of operation of the extruder processing granulated materials

55. Novel In. And., Machiko F. D.. Improvement of mathematical model of multichannel Ultrasonic Flowmeter

56. Kulish In. And. Formation of information flows in the system of evaluation of the efficiency of the enterprises of the chemical industry

57. Mikulionok And. O., Chernikov At. A., Nice Little In. In the., Kolpakov, In. In. Development of models of optimum production cycle of enterprises with a hybrid technological chain

58. Šejkus And. R., Levchuk S. L., Triškin In. I. Podvižnoe control processami rektifikacii

59. Sitaruk In. In the., Sytnikov At. In. Mathematical modeling of nasadkovogo absorber for the process of obtaining the hydrocyanic acid