АКІТ — 2014


AKÌT – 2014

The Conference took place at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” 16-17 April 2014 in. Kiev.

AKÌT 2014

These materials cover the modern approaches and methods of automation of production processes, matematinomu simulation of technological objects ’ objects, study and synthesis of modern computer ’ ûternih control systems.

This Conference was rozgânuto topics:

1. Holod′ko And. And., Beznosyk Yu. O.. Simulation of reactor production maleïnovogo angìdridu oxidation of benzene

2. Kopistins′kij L. O., Semencov G. N.. Determination of optimal parameters of the drilling method of barrier functions

3. Kizima L. In the., Semencov G. N.. Identification of coordinate perturbations in the process of deepening of oil and gas wells

4. Nesterenko At. K., Beznosyk Yu. O.. Mathematical modeling of the reactor boiling layer for the oxidation of sulfur dioxide gas

5. Gutak At. In. Adaptive and robust control of technological systems in the oil and gas industry

6. Žoludeva At. With., Beznosyk Yu. O.. Simulation of reactor of ethylene oxide get boiling layer

7. G armash p. In the., Beznosyk Yu. O.. Mathematical modeling of the process of polymerization of vìnìlhloridu

8. A Aslanov. M., Solodovnik M. C. Analysis of modern algorìtmìv routing networks

9. Kulinčenko G. In the., Brain E. N.. Monitoring of the thermal scan object

10. Davydenko L. And. Identification of fuzzy measure for restrictions, overlapping expert on the parameters of integral Šoke

11. Lagojda And. And. Synthesis of bagatoparametričnogo regulator for automatic control system of gazoperekačuval′nim machine

12. Boguševs′kij In. With., Zubova K. M. The settings regulator of fuzzy logic in the process of energy saving technology in converter

13. Zhuchenko And. And., Tsapar In. C. The optimum control system of temperature in furnace sklovarnìj

14. The Commandant At. O., Ilia L. D.. Research of time matching the job AIDS in the production of oils with contactor

15. Šabatin D. And., Tsapar In. C. Mathematical modeling of chemical reactor

16. Machiko F. D., Machiko G. F., Miner's. M. Methods for determining the viscosity of gaseous energy carriers for their accounting

17. Kulinčenko G. In the., Leont′ev P. In. Tečeniâ Issledovanie nizkotemperaturnogo fields separator natural Strip

18. Tanasûk And. O., Kovalevsky To. M. Software trainer for microprocessor PID regulator parameter parity

19. Kulinich N. With., Ilia L. D.. Formation of a database entry mode

20.Krivopišin T. M., Ladìeva L. P. Check the stability of the control system of reactor of synthesis for the theorem Kharytonova

21. Wiener M. Streszczenie badanie aktywnosci niklowego katalizatora szkieletowego poprzez uwodornienie kwasu maleinowego

22. Kazak In. N., Dr. Shevchuk. O., Levchenko M. G, Pavlenko. The method you upravlâemosti s ustojčivosti dinamičeskoj system in avarijnoj situations

23. Markolenko T. D.. Optimization of the process of fuel combustion using defined criteria

24. Vatujčak And. In. Dinamika gidroliza laktozy in moločnoj soderžaniem povyšennym smesi solids with noxious

25. Mironenko O.. M., L Ladiyeva. P. Stochastic control process of dewatering and pelletizing of mineral fertilizers in the pseudo-liquefied layer

26. Mironenko Yu. M., Nice Little In. In. Sample questions of parameters in process of statistical research

27.Kalyuzhny In The. O., Zhuchenko And. And. Simulation of nasadkovogo absorber in the process of producing acetylene with reactionary gases

28. Matviyenko At. And., Zhuchenko And. And. Mathematical modeling of furnace tubular type in the process of conversion of methane

29. Ratuszny P. Mixing of Particulate Materials in Fluidized Bed

30. Tsapar In. With., Žiber In. Yu. Automation of technological process, hydro petroleum oils

31. Rubìženko D. And., Kovalevsky To. M. Software trainer for the algorithms configuration of microprocessor technology indicator ITM-11

32. Mr. C. In the., Kubrak And. And. The definition of a discrete analog model object based on its transition characteristics

33. Modzelewska D., Dothanczuk-Srodka A. Metodyka pomiarow aktywnosci radonu (rn-222) w przygruntowej warstwie powietrza

34. Nesvìtajlo D. In the., Gribkov C. In. The use of "Caterpillar" for forecasting demand for products of the publishing company

35. Kolesnik M. In the., L Ladiyeva. P. Optimization of parameters of PID controller using genetic algorithms

36. Zhuchenko At. A., Diaghilev N. In. Automation of regeneratora during catalytic cracking of prâmotečìjnim reactor

37. Medvedev P. B., Merduh C. L. Fuzzy cost control devices with ionite filters desalting system of the second circuit of NPP power unit

38. L Ladiyeva. P, Pushkarev M. And. Automation columns rectification process factional distillation of crude oil

39. Kovaliuk D.. O., Skobelìna M. And. Modeling of heating process of ammonia in the boiler-utilìzatorì

40. Mahovs′kij D. With., Kozanevič 3. I. Optimal control software object with concentrated parameters on the production of tires

41. Spolovič P. Yu., Kubrak And. And. Evaluation of vector control system for the condition using observer full order

42. Lebedev In. Yu., Kozanevič 3. I. Study of mìdeplavil′noï furnace as a control object

43. Yukhymchuk M. C. Harmonic linearization systems of logical keruval′nimi devices

44. Mahovs′kij D. With., Zhurakovskyy. Yu., Pìrgač M. C. Adaptive digital automatic control system object with concentrated parameters

45. Kovaliuk D.. O., Cvìlenko In. G. Mathematical modeling of the process of evaporation amofosnoï pulp

46. Răut River Dr. T. Application of computer vision to monitor the effectiveness of treatment facilities

47. Kononova., Mr. ribkov s.. Study of the creation and the use of expert systems in the field of land reclamation

48. Dubovìkov And. Yu., Akymenko T. And. Nejromereževij approach to the control of watering using machine vision

49. Voivode In. In the., Drevec′kij In. In. Automatic control of rheological characteristics of liquid-plastic v'âzko

50. Skladčikov In. O., Dmitriev A.. And. Ekstrapolâcìjnì algorithms in parallel simulation of complex dynamic objects

51. Kutia In. M. Program-technical implementation of automated systems of control of the parameters of quality of emulsions

52. Vorobûk C. P. Program-technical means of control systems of dry residue batch in spirtovomu production

53. Kovshov G. N., Sadovnikova At. In the., Lukashuk And. And. Inklinometričeskaâ system based on ferrozondovogo preobrazovatelâ

54. Čigur And. And., Čigur L. I am., Shkvarchouk D. D.. Neural Network With in the problem of automated control of wear of the diamond "

55. Mr. Rudenko. P., Levko E. N., Alpaev E. In the., Kobzar ' And. C. Optimizaciâ technology of acid travleniâ of steels

56. Kulish In. And. Chemical production as a technological complex of continuous type

57. Klepatch M. M. Mathematical and software for determining the quality of oil products by their physical-mechanical parameters

58. Bondarenko A.. In. Control strukturoj technical generacii sredstv toplivom nesertificirovannym couple at

59. Stashkevich P. M., Lukinyuk M. In the., Avramkìn And. M. Determine the volume of a body of irregular geometric forms and dynamic properties of control objects

60. Ivanchuk In. In the., Drevec′kij In. In. Automated control system of indicators of the quality of the original production process bragorektifìkacìï

61. Pastushenko In. And., Stetsenko And. M. Control vologozabezpečenìstû of crops to osušuval′no-zvoložuval′nih systems using PEO ^ iììu and neural networks for direct distribution

62. Kovaliuk D.. O., Dziuba Is. In. Adaptive control system of temperature oxyacetylene generator

63. L Ladiyeva. R., Laws In. O.. Calculation model of membrane distillation and selection criterion of optimality

64. Kulinich N. With., Ilia L. D.. Formation of data base management systems the process of extrusion

65. Kubrak And. And., Zadvorny Would. In. Identification of the object to the transitional characteristic of control system

66. Foŝ T. In. Sravnitel′nyj analiz suŝestvuûŝih avtomatizirovannyj control systems moŝnost′û ènergobloka c VVÈR-1000

67. Ilia L. D., Vilkova As. Yu. Study of the method of prokrokovoï structural identification

68. Feschenko P. In the., Kovalevsky To. M. The computer Simulator for configuration of microprocessor PID regulator in the control circuit