АКІТ — 2013


AKÌT – 2013

The Conference took place at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” 17-18 April 2013 in. Kiev.

AKÌT 2013

These materials cover the modern approaches and methods of automation of production processes, matematinomu simulation of technological objects ’ objects, study and synthesis of modern computer ’ ûternih management systems.

This Conference was rozgânuto topics:

1. Matsuy And. M., Kondratets In. O.. Mathematical modelling of technological processes in zavitkovomu živil′niku

2. Šabatin D. And., Kozanevič 3. I. Chemical reactor as technological control object to get the white carbon black

3. Miller L. M., Usov In. In. Application of time series analysis to forecasting the level of vibration of hydro generators

4. Rubìženko D. And., Kovalevsky To. M. Software algorithms to simulate the work path control object parameter adjustment

5. Krivopišin T. M., L Ladiyeva. P. Mathematical model of reactor for the synthesis of urea afloat

6. Broh Etc. In the., Kozanevič 3. I. The evaporator as a technological object control in the process of destructive processing mazutìv and gudronìv

7. Syrotenko M. O.. Search of optimal schemes of placement indicator devices in a network 10 kV

8. L Ladiyeva. R., Laws In. O.. Automation of technological process of membrane distillation

9. Gribkov C. In the., Mr. Oliynyk. In. Freight planning for food enterprises using murašinogo algorithm

10. O Dmitrieva. A., Gus′kova In. G., Gus′kova N. G. At parallel′nom the generacii step-based upravlenii vložennyh metodov stadijnyh

11. Evtukh P. With., Lipnic′kij In. In. Assessment of needs and the development of the city's water supply forecasting systems based on fuzzy logic

12. Kovaliuk D.. O., Sìmoroz K. O.. Automation of the production process carbon thermal schedule

13. Arsenìčev And. L., Kozanevič 3. I. Static characteristics of tubular furnace for linear temperature distribution of fuel oil

14. L Ladiyeva. R., Stashkevich P. M., Novosel′s′kij Yu. G., Dr. Shostak. C. Finding an optimal state of object using the microprocessor controller Remicont p-30

15. Khimko N. And., Fedoryshyn P. M. Mathematical model of ball-mill

16. Zhurakovskyy. Yu., Mahovs′kij D. C. Regulation of the temperature in the Chamber cirkulâcìjnìj furnace

17. Wilson And. D., Zhuchenko At. A., Anìkeêv At. O.. Analysis of the process of production of polììzobutilenu as the object of automation

18. Ilia L. D., Porotnìkova And. O., Pìrgač M. C. Statistical processing of information during the scan properties of paper canvas

19. Pylypchuk At. G., Ilia L. D.. Investigation of accidents in the manufacture of cardboard to form the knowledge base of the expert system

20.Nasonkìn P. O., Kovalevsky To. M. Algorithms for adjustment of the ratio parameters of spray dryers

21. Bilyk At. L., Nice Little In. In. Development of the program to automatically create a document specification MAL scheme of automation

22. L Ladiyeva. R., Zhuchenko And. And., P. Klimuk M. G. Mathematical model of contact membrane distillation

23. Ilia L. D., Porotnìkova And. O., Pìrgač M. C. Analytical design of multidimensional regulator parameters cardboard canvases

24. Broh Etc. In the., Tsapar In. C. Research of methods of establishing PI-regulator system control destructive processing of mazutìv and gudronìv

25. Šabatin D. And., Tsapar In. C. Research of control system of a closed process of production of white carbon black on sustainability

26. L Ladiyeva. R., Pìrgač M. With., Screen And. In. Optimal control of chemical reactor

27.Machiko F. D., Machiko G. F. Simulation of gas leakage from an underground pipeline based on throttle gasdynamic structure

28. Kubrak And. And., Zarêčnaâ And. Yu. A computer algorithm for optimizing digital system of cascade regulation

29. Ivanytsya In. P., Kovalevsky To. M. Research of dynamic properties of air heater as heat control object

30. Ilia L. D., Zhuchenko At. A., Oleynik Yulia. K., Čegrinec′ K. And. Features create a simulation model of extruder automation systems by means of Matla′

31. Mironenko O.. M., L Ladiyeva. P. Automating the process of dehydration and granuloutvorennâ device psevdozrìdženogo layer

32. Nice Little In. In the., Mironenko Yu. M. Automation of technological process of rectification of a mixture of hydrocarbons in process of alkylation ìzobutanu

33. Kazak In. N., Babenko And. E., Gorbach A.. K., Lozinskaâ And. G. Synthesis of systems diagnostirovaniâ scan vnešnih obvodov samoleta in polete

34. Dziuba Is. In the., Ilia L. D.. The use of wireless solutions in automated control systems of technological processes

35. Mykhalova M. With., Beznosyk Yu. O.. Modeling of biological ponds of Chornobyl NPP

36. Mike H. F., Beznosyk Yu. O.. Prediction of environmental risks based on fuzzy sets theory and analysis of hierarchies

37. Bezsìnnij D. In the., Bugaêva L. M. Research of influence of soplovogo diameter hole sprinklers on the process of dust catching

38. Markolenko T. D., Todorcev Yu. To. Analysis of economic efficiency of regulating the process of burning natural gas

39. Gubatûk At. C. Use fuzzy logic to determine the places of installation of nonlinear overvoltage limiters

40. Toporìvs′kij B. P. Virtual reality and its application

41. Konahevič D. In. Accounting information system implementation of scientific-research works

42. Holubec Tons. G. Software as a service

43. Tanasûk And. O., Kovalevsky To. M. Algorithm design of control paths microprocessor controller in automation

44. Feschenko P. In the., Kovalevsky To. M., Kubrak And. And. Algorithms modeling of operation mode of the regulator MTK 21 in the path of regulation

45. Porems′kij Yu. In the., Vas′kovs′kij At. In the., Sotnìkova And. C. The method of pairwise testing in process quality control software

46. Sawkiw In. B, Proc′ I. And, Skočilâs In. In the., Fedoriv P. C. Numerical simulation of Jet zahoplûval′nih devices in the environment OrepFOAM

47. Glushko At. In the., Tkačev P. Yu., Deniŝik C. C. Structural-parametričeskaâ identification distillâcionnoj kolonny

48. Vladimirskij And. A., Tkačev P. Yu. Modeling control systems pereklûčeniem avtomatičeskogo is vozduhonagrevatelej

49. Vinogradov Is. In the., Žigìr At. M., Žigìr And. D.. Simulation of the process of getting etilenoksidu in the software environment of the Chemcad

50. Zhuchenko And. And., Mischenko K. Yu. Research of fuzzy controller in the control system of kol′orovìstû sugar juice in the process uparûvannâ

51. Šepetûk Yu. With., Verlan And. And. Tnformacìjno-analytical system of data processing, support and reporting for medical and diagnostic centers

52. Zhuchenko And. And., Dedû In. In. Repetitive control algorithm work evaporating plants

53. Bobonič And. C. L Ladiyeva. P. Mathematical model of the process of reverse osmosis

54. Nice Little In. In the., Nosov And. O.. Mathematical modeling of evaporation process of ammonium nitrate

55. Zhuchenko And. And., Dankevich And. O.. Controlling start-up extruder based on fuzzy logic