АКІТ — 2012


AKÌT – 2012

The Conference took place at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” 19-20 April 2012 in. Kiev.

AKÌT 2012

These materials cover the modern approaches and methods of automation of production processes, matematinomu simulation of technological objects ’ objects, study and synthesis of modern computer ’ ûternih management systems.

This Conference was rozgânuto topics:

1. Shapoval And. A., Panov Is. M., Shapoval Art. A., Violin K.. And. Thermo-become-emitters based on coaxial heat pipes for Thermometry

2. Syrotenko M. O., Tymchuk C. O.. Search for the optimal scheme of placing the sekcìonuval′nih devices in a network 10 kV

3. Kvasko M. 3., Pìrgač M. With., Shevchuk Would. O.. Dynamic properties of inlet box of an air bag as the object of management level of the masses

4. Yaroshchuk At. In the., Kovalevsky To. M. Software interface to control parameters in the registers of the microprocessor devices «MÌKROL»

5. Fedorov Etc. M. Information technology of recognition of measured object method poelementnih differences

6. Kostik And. In the., Lesovoj L. In the., Duleba T. In. Installation for measuring the costs of protection in terms of unsteady flow

7. Oleynik M. And., Machiko F. D.. Detecting leakage of natural gas from areas of the gas distribution networks subject to changes of pressure of gas

8. Kirillovich In. A., Morgunov P. C. Components of the technological interactions zahvatnih devices of industrial robots with objects to manipulate the machine flexible manufacturing cells

9. Kirillovich In. A., Sazonov And. Yu. A direct challenge to the accuracy of the software as the basis of certification of working areas of industrial robots

10. Kovshov G. N., Sadovnikova At. In the., Lukashuk And. And. Inklinometričeskaâ dopolnitel′nym c vizirnogo sensor telesistema ugla

11. Mike H. F., Matvijchuk M. Yu., Beznosyk Yu. O.. Computer simulation of chemical-technological schemes with use of modern software simulators

12. Škvarun K. B., Beznosyk Yu. And. -Move s separaciâ tverdoj časticy in ciklonnom apparate

13. Yukhymchuk M. With., Moskvina S.. M. Analysis method of stability of systems of automatic control of logical keruval′nimi devices in systems of fire extinguishing systems for rail transport

14. Kovaliuk D.. O., Nebasuj In. In. Optimization of the process of obtaining the hydrocyanic acid in the contact device by Andrusova

15. L Ladiyeva. P, Hrustal′ov And. F. Optimization of the process of dehydration and granulation in the pseudo-liquefied layer

16. Kovaliuk D.. O., Gargola I. C. Automate the process of obtaining ciklogeksanolu gìdruvannâm phenol

17. Shinkarenko Yu. In. Analiz drejfa gigroskopičeskogo veŝestva in mežfazovoj region vlagopreobrazovatelâ

18. Feschenko P. In the., Kovalevsky To. M. Decomposition model of the dissolved concentration of nitric acid

19. Zhuchenko At. A., Čepelûk L. K., Oleynik Yulia. To. Synthesis of robust control system temperature-making furnace

20.Machiko G. F., Machiko F. D.. Installation for determination of the coefficient of gazoproniknostì of soil

21. Ilia L. D., Savchenko. P., Anìkeêv At. O.. Optimal control processes kristaloutvorennâ in the production of sugar

22. Bondarenko Yu. G., Ilia L. D.. Creating the structure of the simulation model of the processes of catalytic cracking

23. Kiva And. And., Kolpakov, In. In. Mathematical model of the process of conversion of methane

24. Kolpakov, In. In the., Kiva And. And. Conversion algorithm resource duration reaction tubes

25. Samsonov In The. O., Laws In. O.. Logic of action of emergency protection of the technological process of production of ethyl alcohol

26. Zhuchenko And. And., Romanenko In. O.. Research of temperature field-making furnace method of mathematical modeling

27.Panasevič At. And., Samsonov In The. O.. Mnemoshema of the technological process of the production of melamine from urea and ammonia

28. Gouzenko In. In the., Lisičenko M. L. Research of electromechanical systems using simulation for dynamic modes with the change of the electric load of agricultural machines

29. Ilia L. D., Raukhverger And. And. Research of methods of predicting the duration of fermentation ethanol

30. Vladimir T.. G., Tsapar In. With., Oleynik Yulia. To. Mathematical modeling of evaporating installations

31. Zhuchenko At. A., Shevchenko C. M. The study of the path control odnošnekovim ekstruderom

32. Makarov T. In the., Ilia L. D.. Directions taking into account modern concepts in automation of sugar production

33. Zhuchenko And. I., Grin In. O., Anìkeêv At. O.. Synthesis of control systems the process of conversion of methane

34. L Ladiyeva. R., Screen And. In. Optimal control of chemical reactor

35. Kulinich N. With., Averìna T. In. Simulation of absorption in the production of octovogo angìdridu

36. Nice Little In. In the., Filon In. And. Automating the process of electrolysis of water

37. Tanasûk And. O., Kovalevsky To. M. Simulation of the process of heating the ìzobutilovoï fraction methyl alcohol

38. Gurčik G. And., Flapjack M. In. Development of the subsystems forming the optimal scheme of packing core furnace Acheson

39. Nice Little In. In the., Music In. To. Features of the control system of steam generator

40. Nice Little In. In the., Cheropkin. C. Automation of absorption process of hydrogen osušuvannâ

41. Drago N. Yu., Averìna T. In. Study of adequacy of models of dynamic absorber mode in the real object

42. Cherniak And. M., Averìna T. In. Study of the accuracy of the model of dynamic mode exchangers